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Georgios “George” Varnavides awarded MRS Graduate Student Gold Award

Georgios “George” Varnavides awarded MRS Graduate Student Gold Award

Congratulations to George on the MRS Graduate Student Gold Award! George is recognized for critical contributions in computational transport physics and understanding unconventional transport in quantum matter.

Here are some of his highlighted papers:

  1. Varnavides, G., Jermyn, A. S., Anikeeva, P., & Narang, P. (2019). Non-Equilibrium Phonon Transport Across Nanoscale Interfaces. Physical Review B, 100 (11), 115402.

  2. Varnavides, G., Jermyn, A.S., Anikeeva, P., Felser, C., & Narang, P. (2020). Electron hydrodynamics in anisotropic materials. Nature Communications 11, 4710.

  3. Vool, U., Hamo, A., Varnavides, G., Wang, Y., Zhou, T.X., Kumar, N., Dovzhenko, Y.,Qiu, Z., Garcia, C.A.C., Pierce, A.T., Gooth, J., Anikeeva, P., Felser, C., Narang, P. & Yacoby, A. (2021). Imaging phonon-mediated hydrodynamic flow in WTe2.  Nature Physics 17, 1216-1220.

  4. Reidy, K., Varnavides, G., Dahl Thomsen, J., Kumar, A., Pham, T., Blackburn, A.M., Anikeeva, P., Narang, P., LeBeau, J.M. and Ross, F.M. (2021). Direct Imaging and Electronic Structure Modulation of Double Moire Superlattices at the 2D/3D Interface. Selected in Editor’s Highlights.

  5.  Wang, Y., Varnavides, G., Anikeeva, P., Gooth, J., Felser, C., and Narang, P. (2021). Generalized Design Principles for Hydrodynamic Electron Transport in Anisotropic Metals. arXiv preprint, arXiv:2109.00550. Under review.

  6. Varnavides, G., Wang, Y., Moll, P.J.W., Anikeeva, P., and Narang, P. (2021). Finite-size effects of electron transport in PdCoO2. arXiv preprint, arXiv:2106.00697. Under revisions.