Recent progress in nonlinear optical materials and microresonators has brought quantum computing with bulk optical nonlinearities into the realm of possibility. This platform is of great interest, not only because photonics is an obvious choice for quantum networks, but also as a promising route to quantum information processing at room temperature. We propose an approach for reprogrammable room-temperature photonic quantum logic that significantly simplifies the realization of various quantum circuits, and in particular, of error correction. The key element is the programmable photonic multi-mode resonator that implements reprogrammable bosonic quantum logic gates, while using only the bulk χ(2) nonlinear susceptibility. We theoretically demonstrate that just two of these elements suffice for a complete, compact error-correction circuit on a bosonic code, without the need for measurement or feed-forward control. Encoding and logical operations on the code are also easily achieved with these reprogrammable quantum photonic processors. An extrapolation of current progress in nonlinear optical materials and photonic circuits indicates that such circuitry should be achievable within the next decade.

Last updated on 01/27/2021