Selected Awards and Fellowships

Nicolas Dirnegger

Graduate Student

Nicolas joined the Narang Lab in 2023 as a graduate student. After having completed his BSc in Electrical Engineering from ETH Zürich in 2022 and his Master’s degree in Quantum Science at UCLA in 2023, he is pursuing his PhD at UCLA in Electrical Engineering.
Nicolas research focuses on Quantum Sensing for novel Quantum Materials using various techniques such as superconducting circuits and NV centers, and Quantum Networks looking into transduction schemes as well as quantum repeaters. Prior to starting his PhD, Nicolas is working at the Air Force Research Laboratory on superconducting resonator theory, design and measurements as well as quasi-particle poisoning effects in superconducting qubits that reduce coherence times.
His research background is in optic and photonics device design, micro resonator measurements and simulations for frequency combs and noise simulations for superconducting qubits.
In his spare time, Nicolas enjoy to travel the world, play any sport and is always down for a night out!