Georgios “George” Varnavides awarded MRS Graduate Student Gold Award

Congratulations to George on the MRS Graduate Student Gold Award! George is recognized for critical contributions in computational transport physics and understanding unconventional transport in quantum matter. Here are some of his highlighted papers: Varnavides, G., Jermyn, A. S., Anikeeva, P., & Narang, P. (2019). Non-Equilibrium Phonon Transport Across Nanoscale Interfaces. Physical Review B, 100 (11), 115402. [...]

Doctoral Thesis Defense – George Varnavides, Dec 20th 12:00pm ET

Electron Hydrodynamics in Crystalline Solids: Microscopic Origins, Mesoscopic Size Effects, and Macroscopic Observables George Varnavides (Zoom link available on request) Abstract: Despite the continued scaling down of transistors since the invention of the integrated circuit over seventy years ago, recent trends have deviated from Moore's predictions, due to fundamental physical limitations including heat dissipation. With [...]